Pricing Options and Tiers

Solarize Pricing CLCSolarize Central Lincoln County is designed to save homeowners money on their solar installations by allowing them to buy as a group. The more people who sign up for solar during the program period, the better the deal.

Each pricing ‘tier’ means how much cumulative solar is contracted under the duration of the solarize program.  Say each home installs an average system just of just over 5kilowatts (20 panels). Well, then the program will hit the first discount Tier (2) when 10 homes are signed up. The Program hits Tier (3) when there are 20 homes under contract, and Tier (4) when there are 40!

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4
Tier Bracket in kW 0 – 50 kW 51 – 100 kW 101 – 199 kW 200+ kW
Purchase Price (Own Your Power Loan)* $3.80/watt $3.68/watt $3.56/watt $3.44/watt
Cash Discount** $3.30/watt $3.18/watt $3.06/watt $2.94/watt
Discount (-) $0.12/watt (-) $0.24/watt (-)$0.36/watt
Average Savings on a 5kW System $600! $1,200!! $1,800!!!

Special Notes

– All solar projects will be scheduled for installation beginning in January of 2016

*This pricing reflects projects financed as part of ReVision’s Own Your Power loan via a third-party lender

**Those paying by check, credit card or via financing through their own lending institution qualify for the cash discount price listed above

Site Specific Cost Adjustments

Roof Mount Complexity (i.e., dormers, split roofs) (+) $0.07/watt

High Roof (two full stories or higher)                         (+) $0.09/watt

Ground Mount                                                                 (+) $0.96/watt

Pole Mounted                                                                   (+) $2.03/watt

Dual Axis Tracker                                                            (+) $3.14/watt

Trenching in excess of 100 feet                                     (+) $10/foot

Black Rail Option                                                             (+) $0.02/watt

Metal Roof                                                                         (+) $0.06/watt

Flat, Cedar or Slate Roof                                                 (+) TBD


Electrical Sub Panel or Supply Side Connection        (+) $393/project

System Monitoring

Install SMA WebConnect card for SMA Inverters    (+) $418/project

System Size Adjustments

<3 kW                                                                                 (+) $0.95/watt

3 – 5 kW                                                                             (+) $0.20/watt

5 – 7 kW                                                                             Baseline Pricing

7 – 9 kW                                                                             (-) $0.15/watt

>9 kW                                                                                 (-) $0.20/watt

Other Adjustments

Standard Efficiency Modules – 255 watts                   Baseline Pricing

High Efficiency Modules – 280 watts                          (+) $0.13/watt

USA Made High Efficiency Modules                            (+) $0.24/watt

Premium Efficiency Modules – 315 watts                   (+) $0.40/watt

Micro Inverters or Module Level Optimizers             (+) $0.28/watt

ReVision Energy does not provide the following: tree removal or structural reinforcement. Utility service upgrade and PE (professional engineer) stamps can be provided by ReVision Energy and will be priced on a case by case basis.