Solarize Central Lincoln County

The Twin Village Energy Committee, along with the Midcoast Green Collaborative and ReVision Energy, are pleased to announce SOLARIZE CENTRAL LINCOLN COUNTY.

Solarize CLC, open to homeowners and businesses from Damariscotta, Newcastle, Nobleboro, Bremen, Bristol, and South Bristol, is a group purchasing solar initiative designed to cut the costs of solar – the more people who sign up, the larger your discount!

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What is Solarize?

The ‘Solarize’ model has its roots in the Pacific Northwest, when a group of concerned citizens who wanted to go solar tried to find a way to reduce the upfront installed cost.

Solarize programs make solar less expensive for everyone, because the solar installer (in this case, leading local installer ReVision Energy) can achieve much greater efficiencies of scale, and allow that savings to be passed on to the consumer.

Across the country, Solarize campaigns have been introduced on the neighborhood, municipal, county, and regional level, creating jobs, lowering energy bills, and decreasing carbon footprints.

Who Is Eligible?

Solarize CLC discounts are eligible for anyone in the Maine towns and villages of Damariscotta, Newcastle, Nobleboro, Bremen, Bristol, and South Bristol, who sign a contract with ReVision Energy before end of business day, November 30th, 2015.

Why Solar?

Solar is a fantastic way to reduce your electric bills and go greener. The cost of solar panels has dropped by more than 50% in the last five years and systems can be financed with no-money down, allowing you to trade your electric bill for a reliable monthly payment.

See ReVision Energy's website for more information, or join us at a Solarize CLC event!  We will be hosted open houses and informational talks over the next few months to spread word about the program.

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You will be under no obligation to purchase anything if you sign up. A solar professional will get in touch with you to create a free solar analysis for your home, which will be yours to keep regardless of your decision to participate in Solarize CLC.